Marsaxlokk is located in a sheltered bay off Delimara Point in the South of Malta. It is a colourful, traditional Maltese village with brightly-coloured typical “Luzzu” fishing boats (and their mytical Eye of Horus infallibly painted on their prows) watching over it from the deep blue sea.


Marsaxlokk is the most important fishing village of Malta, with a large number of families very much involved with fishing. Go to Marsaxlokk on a Sunday morning to experience the unique busy atmosphere of the largest fish market on the island, with many Maltese travelling from as far as the north of the island to purchase the latest catch. The market itself offers a delightful variety of traditional Maltese things, from handicrafts to home-made delicacies, as well as other less traditional items such as clothing and houseware. A smaller version of the market is also held daily.


Along the coast you will find several quaint village bars which are ideal for a quick snack of Hobz biz-Zejt (traditional tuna roll) with chips and a glass of local beer...but an absolute must is a meal in one of the sea facing restaurants offering fresh fish specialities (the daily catch does not get fresher than this)!


Take a walk across the village into Marsaxlokk’s beautiful countryside, and if you can manage it, seek out St Peter’s Pool for a lovely place to sit and relax away from it all or a dip in the crystal clear, light blue sea.