Naxxar is one of those villages where village-life has survived and the order of the day. Any time you visit you are bound to see a few old men sharing a bench outside the Band Club watching the world go by and the vegetable seller with his truck parked in a corner of the square shouting greetings at passers-by while waiting for custom.


Evidence of traditional village life is also the large number of religious, political, sports, youth and residents’ clubs. Most have premises in the area around the square and continue to be daily meeting places for their members or locals looking for some social company, sometimes late into the evening.


If you are around the village at lunch time, why not join the workmen for Hobz biz-Zejt (Maltese tuna roll) and a cup of tea in a glass in the small bar opposite the Church for a true village experience? Or, if you prefer, several contemporary establishments around the square offer a place to sit on the pavement for enjoying a cappuccino and a bite.


Visit one of the wine bars in the area for a special lunch or evening in a converted house of character that offers you a glimpse to the interior of a typical Naxxar house. Naxxar’s streets are narrow and winding and a pleasure to walk through. St Lucy Street, which used to be the main road of the village before cars became the order of the day, is a typical example and lies right opposite the Church. In fact, the oddity of the grand Naxxar Parish Church is that it now appears to stand at an angle to the present main road.


There is plenty to visit around Naxxar: several public gardens, Palazzo Parisio, the main parish and several chapels, old fortifications, archeological remains, and also shops of all kinds.


The Naxxar Local Council also oversees the areas of San Pawl tat-Targa, is-Salini and Bahar ic-Caghaq.