Swieqi is a relatively recently developed town in Malta. A peaceful residential centrally located just adjacent to Malta's prime entertainment and shopping areas, St Julians and Sliema, has made Swieqi one of the most sought after places to live.


It is also an ideal place to stay for many English Language students coming to Malta and opting to stay with a host family since most of the English Language Schools are located in this area.


The town's name derives from the water channels that flowed through the valley over which Swieqi was built. It is still possible to take a very nice walk through the Valley starting at the base of Spinola Bay, along country lanes flanked by beautiful townhouses and expensive Villas in L-Ibragg, and ending in Madliena, another up-market residential area which boasts spectacular views of the Mediterranean and marks the beginning of the Victoria Lines fortifications, which date from the British Era and run all the way along the Great Fault some 12km to Rabat.


The municipality of Swieqi assimilates Is-Swieqi, Tal-Ibrag, Il-Madliena and part of St Andrews. Unlike older villages, the locality only has two places of worship: the Ibragg Chapel of Our Lady Immaculate Mother of God (1966) and the Church of Immaculate Conception Mother of the Church, which was made a Parish in 1999. Only a mass and a small procession mark the feast on 8th December, another reflection of the differing culture from older village traditions in Malta.


Historical places of interest lie in the Madliena area, with the afore-mentioned Victoria Lines affording amazing views and an interesting walk through Maltese countryside, and also Madliena Fort, Batteria San Giovanni and the Madliena Chapel dating to 1880.